Big “G”

My late brother Graham was known as Big “G” and like all of the Adams male family members was a certified petrol head. Due to our father spending almost of his working life in the employ of Vauxhall, its logical to assume this is where Graham’s love of the Vauxhall/Opel marque originated.

Graham came into the world in 1964. After his schooling he obtained an apprenticeship with BAE and spent his whole working life there including trips to Scotland to oversee HUD units being installed. It was while working for BAE that he gained his nickname of “Big G” and was the centre of any event he attended.

Whilst growing up it became clear my younger brother and I would be in and around motor sport for the foreseeable future, with the family racing karts, various circuit series and even off-road competitions, a trait that has flowed through to the next generation of Adams.

Graham’s particular brand was the Vauxhall/Opel marque. In his later years he had an Astra estate which was his daily workhorse to travel to and from work and to take his dog, border collie Blue, out for countryside walks.

However he also obtained an Opel Astra turbo coupe which he started modifying and used it for frequent trips to the Nurburgring and Santa Pod often with his friends from the Z20LET Owners Club.

The cars modification list is extensive with engine enhancements totaling in excess of £10,000. We have had to down tune the car to 300bhp, just to make it road drivable. The car is now used just for fun days out and of course the bi-annual BGMR.

This love of motor sport pushed Big “G” to become a well known and well respected presence at events all over Europe, from the local track attacks at Brands Hatch to the extreme test that is the Nordschleife.

Big “G” sadly lost his fight with cancer after a short hospital stay in October 2011 aged just 47. The funeral was attended by 100’s of people demonstrating just how many hearts he had touched in his unreasonably shorted lifetime.


Big G Memorial Runs (BGMR)

By way of memorial, the Big G Memorial Run started in 2014 with just 3 of us going to the Nurburgring where Graham spent a lot of his time with his car club, Z20LET, and his highly modified Opel Astra turbo coupe.

The trip was very successful with visits to the “Ring” GP track, museums, back stage track tour, Michael Schumacher Karting centre, keep fighting Michael, Nurburg Castle and the full Nordschleife track. An extremely personal busy motor sports based weekend that we know “Big G” would be proud to have been a part of.

As part of the trip we paid our respects to Graham by scattering his ashes from the Castle Tower to forever be part of the motorsport mecca he loved so much, our revisit to this spot has made this respectful pilgrimage (up lots and lots of steps) a firm fixture for all future BGMR’s

Many people we encountered on our trip wanted to know about “Big G”, his story, and the last car he had created. On our return we had many people who asked if they could come should we do it again. Well we decided to make it a bi-annual event and have just returned from BGMR2 which saw 10 people and 6 modified cars have a great motor sport weekend.

With the list of potential attendees for the 2018 BGMR ever growing and the attraction of ever more exotic machinery wanting to join the trip we set up this site to get the BGMR group up and running, here you can get a taste of the fun and games we get up to, both on and off track.

We now have a BGMR forum to start making more formal events and getting the BMGR lifted to the next level, get signed up and join the groups theres bound to be something for everyone.

I hope you will enjoy the site and forums and perhaps we shall see you on the next BGMR,,,,

Happy Motoring, Brian Adams (Big G’s little bigger brother)


(Written October 2016)